Open schools

Open schools 

Our schools are open to all individuals, regardless of their outlook, religious conviction, skin colour, race or provenance.

‘No walls, no boundaries, all neighbours and unique’. That is one of our creeds. In this way, we are all part of Flanders, Belgium, Europe; we are all citizens of the world; we are all uniquely different; and yet, we are all equal.

The school establishes many partnerships; with parents, with pupils, with teachers amongst themselves.

We want to have all our partners involved in our project, including those who cannot easily be reached. We enable them to participate on a management level, through school councils and boards of governors within each group of schools. On the other hand, we take all kinds of precautions to reduce parents’ expenses, other costs and the natural fear of crossing our school thresholds.

Pupils also have a say in school policy through student councils. Our additional training courses and seminars for teachers are increasingly popular. Our courses for tutors boost the counselling skills of new teachers.

Spotting and developing talent is a social task, involving schools and other social institutions. For this reason, schools must cooperate with different initiatives within the local community, presenting children and adults with a broad experience drawn from life and the working environment. The so-called ‘brede school’ in Dutch seeks to enrich life in all its aspects


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