A constant focus on high quality education is the best way to safeguard GO!’s strong position.

By presenting our pupils with an unbiased mirror of society, we prepare their entry to the real world. They should be able to find their own place and arm themselves with skills and knowledge.

GO! offers a maximum of learning profit, full personality development, social responsibility and individual well-being. Our quest is ambitious but feasible, thanks amongst other things to our curricula which seek to enhance development in both knowledge and skills.

Our Pedagogical Guidance Service offers external assistance to educational institutions, develops initiatives to improve the quality of the education offered by those institutions and stimulates initiatives that strengthen the professional development of its staff members.

Its mission is to guide our schools to realise their own teaching and learning challenges and to become professional learning organisations, with a strong sense of policymaking. Schools must develop a vision of quality relative to themselves, through self-evaluation and policy-making. Throughout this process, the Pedagogical Guidance Service will act as a critical friend.


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